Andrew Carr BSc (Hons) MSc, M.Med.Sci, DC, FRSH
2 Harley Street, London W1G 9PA and Nationwide
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Miss L

I'd never considered having Botox before but I had this big frown line between my eyes that I was convinced everybody could see jumping off my face every time they looked at me!

A friend told me that they'd had their forehead done and they loved it. My problem was I have a serious fear of needles!
I went to see Andrew Carr, just for a consultation to see if he could treat my frown line and if he could do it in spite of my needle-phobia. He put me at rest immediately with his obvious knowledge and his calming manner.
He also explained that lots of his patients were frightened of needles and this wasn't a problem.

I had my frown and forehead injected and 3 days later the lines started to fade! After about a week my frown was completely gone! I was so pleased with the result, I had more confidence and felt that I could wear less make up without worrying that my frown lines were there. I was still me, just a fresher, younger looking me!

Thank you Andrew, you changed my life!

Mrs S

I recently recieved botox treatment with Andrew.
I found the treatment was very beneficial both physically and psycologically, alleviating the frown lines and crows feet which I felt were very visible and ageing.
The benefits were almost immediate and lasted about 6 months, I will be attending for further treatment in the near future.

The benefit from Botulinum injections normally starts to become visible within 3-5 days and continues to amplify for up to 2 weeks at which point the maximun effect is seen.

Aesthetic Treatment is not an exact science and results and effectiveness may vary from individual to individual. No Guarantees as to outcome can be offered.

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